Sunday, 17 June 2012

To my father… On father’s day!!!

I agree…
The first person we get to know in our life is our mother. But… if she is the life, father is the blood. And, today is Father’s day!!!

My father always complains that so much emphasis is given to the child and mother relationship and too less for that of father and child. He complains endlessly. That always makes me wonder why it is so.

Don’t you agree? Mother is like a school teacher. She will be strict and never encourages naughty behavior. But, father is like a friend. He lets you do all the mischief!

The world says a woman change a lot on attaining motherhood. And not a word uttered describing how a man would change on becoming a father. Yes, men change a lot too.

My father is well known as a very short tempered person. But, he has never once lost temper on me. Incidentally, I am short-tempered and loose my cool often. He patiently endures that. I feel really bad because he tolerates only because I am his daughter.

He is scared of roads. Yet, he encouraged me to ride cycle when I was young; then, two-wheeler and now car.

He is home-sick and could never stay separated from me. He even resigned from his job when there were too many transfers keeping him away from me. But, when I had to stride towards my dreams, he let me fly instead of holding me tight.

Father – a girl’s first hero!
And my father is my hero. I can’t think of another person who would change for me from head to toe. He stood by me on my success and held me tenderly during me failures. He never preached me. He never taught me. He just let me evolve by myself. 

A girl’s glory rests upon her father and brothers – the first men in any girl’s life.  Since I don’t have any brothers, my father fills the vacancy left by a brother. He is my everything!

Dear appaji…
Happy father’s day!!!
To the best father one can have...

Life without you would have been like a life without experiencing the warmth of air. You give me colors and add shades to my life.

Love you loads and loads………

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