Thursday, 21 June 2012


The World was calm and quite
All the living creatures seemed tiered
They were under the warmth of their shelter
Surrounded by their loved ones with tender
A hearty meal chewed with loads of chatter
And a few stolen moments with the lover

Busy teenagers chatting with friends
Mothers completing their daily chores
Fathers catching up with the World news
Wailing babies and snoring oldies
However, there I was
 Waiting and waiting

I was staring through the window sill
Silent drizzles evoking the earthy smell
Endless lights looking like a Princess’s jewel
Dazzling moon accompanied by diamond stars
Shrilling honks and swaying winds
Such a busy World it was out there

But, I was still waiting
With endless unanswered dreams
And an everlasting craving
My eyes were meandering
In search of the person claimed as mate by soul
It searched through the crowd in the earthy World

The wait seemed to be eternal
Heart was not ready to give up; I was not ready to give up
So, I am just waiting and waiting
Waiting for my other half who would sway me off my feet
Who would share my cries of happiness and grief
So there I was… Waiting!!!

As a part of prompt given by One Single Impression

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