Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What’s going on???

It was yet another Saturday. But, like human beings’ mind, nature was also confused. There was a big fight going on between the clouds and the Sun. As a result, the humidity shot up and we all were precipitating profusely.

We, in Kerala, have this strange habit of carrying umbrella all round the year. During summer, we use it to shield the fierce Sun and during monsoon, to stay away from getting drenched. But that day, I was confused; so were all others. There was neither Sun nor any rain. It was cloudy instead.

And, there were a bunch of us, awaiting bus mercifully. There were around 5-8 of us. I was tensed beyond words, I had exams in an hour and the nervousness was reaching its peak. I kept checking the time, as if my constant glares would freeze it. Sometimes, on my wrist watch; most of the time on my mobile clock and at times on the “fastrack” watch of the lady sitting next to me in the bus stop.

That was how I noticed her, the more I observed her, the more my mind started diverting from exam fear.

Why my mind got diverted?

She was sitting beside me showing off her cool attitude. She had a Samsung touch phone and she was listening to songs through headsets. It was played so loud that I could hear the beats. She was too engrossed in the music to even care about what was happening around her.

She did not care for the two cute teenage girls. She did not spot the glint in their eyes. She did not understand that those girls needed to worry only about their six subjects and not life! She did not notice them giggle infectiously.

There was a guy in early twenties standing at another corner of the bus stop leaning to the pillar. He wsa too pre-occupied in impressing those girls. He kept charging postures and ensured not to strip off the “pleasant look” off his face.

Then, she did not see the worry-stuck eyes of an elderly man. He was bald and a little over weight. It was apparent that he was feeling bad for the way he has shaped his life. He was unhappy for enduring the humidity and awaiting bus. He must be belonging to the Indian middle class strata, where people will have enough money to meet their day to day expensed coupled with small savings; yet, not wealthy enough to taste the luxuries of life.

The lady sitting beside me failed to notice the group of auto-wallahs talking to each other. She did not see the beautiful and captivating artificial jewels shop or the textile shop on the opposite lane.

She did not even notice that I was staring at her though acting as if I-am-looking-if-bus-is-coming.

Alas! She did not even know that I was framing a post in my mind… That I am thanking her for giving one… That she was the central character… That she made me think away from exams…

There came the bus… I sprung into it… Grabbed a seat and opened the book… As I peeped out of the window, I saw her sitting unshaken by the fact that now she was the only one left at the bus stop… I noticed that she was chewing gum and nodding her head softly.

 Thus immersing myself into studies… Tension was building within as I was not sure if I would be able to reach on time at the exam hall, if not earlier…


  1. Did you manage to reach the exam hall on time?
    I too observe people around and derive at my own conclusions.

    1. Oh I did reach the exam hall on time...
      And passed the exam too!!!

      Thanks a lot Kalpana :)

  2. Quietly observing people gives us a glimpse of a life of a stranger. One of my favourite pass time while travelling is observing people and making up stories for each person. :D

    1. Well, thats the best hobby one can ever have...
      Thanks iihahs :)

  3. Watching people has been my age old hobby, things you see and observe..


  4. Guess,her presence made u happy and motivated u to score good their actions inspired a beautiful story.