Friday, 13 July 2012


There were dreams
There were desires
There were ambitions
There were aspirations
But, there were confusions too
I was like an empty balloon
Lying in a corner
Wanting for air
Waiting to grab the fame
But failure befriended me
Though reluctant, I was getting closer to him too
I started sitting happily in a corner
Admitting my failure
But, they were not happy at my state
Their love and confidence never drained
It propelled confidence in me
The desire to succeed amplified
I worked harder and harder
Success followed wagging its tails
And then I flew like a huge colorful balloon
Higher and higher in the sky
Drawing more energy from the persons clinging onto me
Their smile fed contentment within me
I started flying high
Sometimes with the wind
At times against the wind, crossing hurdles
I flew like a bird
Independent and happy
Just like a colorful balloon that I used to fly high once!!

Dedicated to all the angels, who showed confidence in me… Who never once doubted my capability… I thank them for their smile… Then, for lending their helping hands and always-ready-to-listen ears… I walk with pride because they stood by me and ensured that I befriend success and break the relationship with failure… Love you angels… You made me what I am today!!!

As a part of One single Impression

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