Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dreamless Sleep

“Dream high”
“Attain the dreams”
“You are what your dreams is”
Blah blah blah
And what not!

We all hit the bed hoping that it would dawn sooner or later. We envision the sparkling Sun extending its yellow hands by way of enigmatic beams. We dream of a better day ahead where appreciations flow for our good work and goodwill spreads.

We dream of earning and saving. We further dream about building a tiny empire for ourselves in this majestic World.

We dream of health… We dream of wealth…
We dream of tantalizing gems and tummy filling grains…
We dream of love… being loved and to have someone to love...
We dream of our future and plan how to make it more appealing
We dream of past and sigh calculating how differently things could have been done
We dream so much that we may end up losing track of the present

It rears hopes
Drive souls
To perform and to maintain the form

It paves way to contentment
It helps to cross all the hurdles
And feeds the soul with desire to succeed

We dream and we reach places
We fly high and touch the skies

Keeps us awake…
Blood bubbles with energy
Heart throbs to come out with flying colors

And we stand there… Beaming at the loved ones… Glancing at the stars… Sparkling like a diamond… Yes! Diamond! We feel proud for rising against all the odds and emerging as a diamond. We thank the lucky stars and we thank the lovely people… We feel proud and very grateful. Our smile widens and eyes twinkles. The glee never fades…

A tinge of tear rolls down from eyes like a pearl emerging from the oyster. We rub it aside like a bead of sweat with a sweet smile. We sigh and we continue to smile. After all, the dreams have come true.

Gradually, the World will be enveloped by darkness. The precious moon would pop out her silvery head. She shines in spite of all the impurities thrown on her. She does not feel inferior that the glittering Sun is dominating. The mesmerizing moon will be smiling… Enjoying the chill breeze... Totally guarded by the starry bodyguards...
We feel tiered and sleep would distort us. We hit the bed feeling pleased with the day… with the people… with ourselves and the World per se…

We close our eyes with peace. After all, all the dreams are fulfilled…
We close our eyes… For a dreamless sleep!!!


  1. Ahh!!...I love that image....and beautiful post on dreams....Lovely!

  2. nice post.. lovely verses.. and beautiful pic..

  3. Beautiful take on the prompt... and the picture is very pretty!


  4. I get disturbed dreams when I am not well otherwise I sleep soundly without any interruption of dreams.

    1. They say that dreamless sleep is the best sleep...
      Thanks Kalpana :)

  5. Really, the picture is so nice! Nice take on dreams!:)

  6. Dreams make us fly high and touch the skies - dreams can certainly do that. Nice.

    1. More so when they get fulfilled...
      Thanks Suzy :)

  7. Absolutely brilliantly take on the prompt and love ur expression of dreams. Was great reading u during the contest.