Sunday, 22 July 2012

Friendship Vs Love

here is only a thin line that separates love and friendship.
Why can’t a girl and a boy remain as mere friends?
Why the World always suspects its sanctity?

I have been wondering about this for a long time. It should be due to innumerous movies and fictions. If you are in India and watched Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, then, you would never forget the famous dialog… Ladkha aur ladkhi kabhi dhosth nahi ban sakthe…

Ouch! Is that really so? I don’t really agree. I would say that such thoughts only deplete the sanctity of friendship.

Friendship is the only group that goes beyond the division of God, religion, caste, language and important of all, gender.

Friendship is a spark and that spark brings the souls together. It ties them with care, love, and understanding.

It is like air. It can never be captured and bottled into a tag named “love”. Friendship is far too beyond that.

Friendship is all about feeling comfortable and being yourself. Sometimes, you may feel so with the same gender and sometimes with the other. That never means that there is an element of love.

If a girl and boy can be friends at the age of 4years… they can be so at 14 years or at 24 years… At 40 years and forever!!!

I wish that movies and books where people remain as friends are made. I wish that the thought process of people change. I really wish that divinity of friendship prevail over the mesh of love.

Hey World! Wake up…
Each relationship has its own flavor
Never corrupt it
The taste would be lost

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