Saturday, 7 July 2012

Her life

“Baby girl”, the nurse announced
Tears of joy rolled down from her parents’ eyes
She was crying aloud too
Thanking the Creator for gifting them

“Cute girl”, remarked the World
Her parents felt proud
She was an attention stealer wherever she went
She was enjoying life under their shade

“Intelligent girl”, her teachers commented
Her parents didn’t know what to say in return
She didn’t know how to meet the high set standards
She did not strive or struggle; she just enjoyed

“Bold girl”, people close to her often said
Only she knew how even cockroaches could scare her
But, she maintained that air and held her head high
She did not know how else she could react

“You are a girl”, her family and friends reconfirmed
She was a young woman now
And they wanted to see her married
They said marriage gives bliss

“Beautiful girl”, the guests praised the Bride’s beauty
She was married away and sent to another home
She changed herself by keeping her likes and dislikes away
She tried to shred her own identity to match her soul mate

“You are not our family’s girl, you are an outsider”, retorted her in-laws
She was not celebrated there and she was always a familiar stranger
She never complained; she accepted that fact with a smile
She stayed away from her sweet home and loved ones

“You make an amazing mother”, said her husband
Tears engulfed her eyes thinking about her amazing mother
As her husband kissed the baby, she smiled
She felt like hugging her dad


  1. It was nice how the poem did a circle and the way you always had a first line consistent with the theme.

  2. Beautifully, sensitively, done.

  3. It was interesting to see how this poem evolved and to see everyone's perceptions of her as she was a girl,but then when she married it seems that things changed....and she lost some of that happiness and praise that she had earlier in life. Sad. But when she had a child, became a mother, seems that something changed and she reflected back on her own family love. I am sure her own child will know the same!!

  4. This was so moving and beautifully written. Wonderful.

  5. very cool write...i like the perspectives you use through out to show us the evolution of her character....and having kids changes everything for sure...and teaches us so much as well on care and love...

  6. I agree with Brian, I too enjoyed the different phases of this girl's life and how she was viewed by others although so sad not to be accepted by the in laws. Nice to see how becoming a mother brought her joy. Beautiful poem.

  7. You wrote this journey so sensitively and truly........the young mom, in loving her child, will discover her own strong true authentic and unquenchable self. Lovely write!

  8. I like how you find the common thread through the birth of a child which might give rise to hope and stitch scars and mend feelings. Thanks!

  9. Oh there is an important lesson in this one.In - laws can ruin a life!
    Loved this clever subtle poem...very insightful and addresses a lot of issues concerning marriage, cultural mix etc. Thought provoking!

  10. wonderful! and the last one was the clinch. That sums up everythign for a mother!