Sunday, 1 July 2012

Jolly July

I have been thinking for a week now. I wanted to write about the seventh month – July. I know there are so many things associated with the month. But I am unable to think of any. My mind is transfixed to one thought, as if obsessed – CA

Today, 1st of July is celebrated as CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS’ DAY.

But, how many knows that there is a profession named Chartered Accountancy exists? Not many know that there is an Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) offering the degree – CA. That ICAI is the only institute offering the course. CA examination is one of the toughest examinations in India. It is one of the rare professions where demand is plenty and supply is minimal.

Ouch!!! Did I fume?
Come on… It is a feeble cry of a Chartered Accountant… Who has slogged for six years… Strived hard… Wrote all the eight/six papers again and again even if failed only in one… Prayed for just pass than for hitting a distinction… Where World says that students pass more due to “luck” than hard work!!!

Well… Is that all July about??
Did I say so?

Muddy roads
Puddles of water
Cries for umbrellas
Nightmarish raincoats
Absconding Sun
Moving clouds
Starless nights
Chilly breeze
Wow!! It’s raining
Here I am gleaming
Such a Jolly it is
That is what Jolly July all about

Is that all?
No, Not at all……

It is a month since schools and colleges are opened. Strangers would have become friends. Waking up early in the morning would have become a routine. Time spent in front of television starts showing a declining trend and the urge to stay back at home crawl upwards. Afternoon naps would have become distant dreams. The difference between weekdays and weekends well understood.

First half of the year is over. We recline and wonder how easily the six months sped away. We realize that we still remember our New Year bash. We complain that time flutters away.

Jolly July never disappoints…
With the rain and the mesmerizing climate…
With the daily life turned into a habituated routine…
We start to enjoy life…
We feel settled…
We feel glad…
We feel jolly!!!

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