Thursday, 5 July 2012


To fly high
Was my heart’s greatest cry
Alas! I don’t have wings
So how to try, I wondered

Then, I dreamt not in sleep
But wide awake
And, I planned not in paper
But within myself

Eventually, I worked vigorously
Brain distributed the much needed energy
Heart supplied the quintessential support
Dream seemed only a smile away

Things fell in place
Dreams took me to places
And thus I started flying high
Higher and higher

Yes, I started to fly
Like a colorful kite
My life was filled with colors too
Vibrant and effervescent

I started flying high like a kite
Free and carefree
Yet controlled by a fragile thread
A thread called love and relationship

The thread never controlled me
It only held my hand
Lending support and feeding happiness
Never once hurting nor dominating

I started flying high confidently
I knew the thread will never abandon me
I was sure that I will be protected eternally
Thus, I flew higher and higher like a kite


  1. Your poem really soars high .... lovely :-)

  2. Nicely penned words..hmmm.. Keep goin..

  3. That slender thread is what allows us to soar. That and the solitary incubation of dreams. I am glad you have both in your life. Very thoughtful poem!