Saturday, 21 July 2012

Obsessive Blogger

“You have become obsessed with your blog?”

I have been hearing this word for the past eight months. I ignored them saying that blogging is my passion and not obsession.


Until today… Until now!!!

I have been thinking for a long while now… But I am finding it hard to come up with a suitable topic over which I could tread a post. I thought of writing a poem… then haiku… something… until my inner voice helplessly whined “anything”!!!

Innumerous topics came flooding. I started writing on few. But, a smile of satisfaction never creaked. I typed. I pressed the backspace key. I typed. I edited and ended up pressing the delete key. I typed. Then, I selected the full document and deleted.

I cracked my head and bit my nails. I wore my thinking hat. I stared at the vacuum.

So many faces passed through my mind… Some were my friends’ and some were strange. Some faces were that of the actors in my favorite movies and some were the faces that I had given to the characters of my favorite fictions.

Then, voices started echoing. I heard him say “leave me alone”… I heard her say “leave me alone”. I heard the giggles and heard the sobs.

I furrowed my brows and gazed through my newly acquired spectacles. I presumed that I would be looking like a compulsive thinker. That thought brought a grin and I heard my inner voice say, “obsessive blogger”

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  1. Haha!....Now give me *Hi 5*....My friends say the same too and sadly it is the fact!...
    Nice thoughts in your post!