Monday, 16 July 2012

Oh shit, not again

‘Oh shit, not again’
A book written by Mandar Kokate

An interesting title and a rather wacky one, I thought. This is how the book grabbed my attention. The cover page looked innovative and the synopsis was intriguing I was feeling desperate to read the book. A train journey on a drizzling morning helped me get hold of the book

Raj… Aarthi… Sam… Andy… Seema…

As the book began, I rather liked it…

But then, by the time I had reached half way…
I sighed... Then closed my eyes and uttered “Oh shit, not again’”

The book is shitty!!

It is a story of a pervert Raj and his four neighbors cum friends. The book narrates various incidents that lead to love… trouble and finally wealth! Then there is a Sejal who wants to take revenge against her husband who is into extra marital affair by getting into one herself. And the key factor that drives the narrative is… Well, I don’t want to get into that detail as of now.

Really dude… Its pathetic…

Raj says he loves his neighbor/friend Aarthi… Fantasises his server… Commits to a married woman Sejal and makes out with cousin… And he says he loves them all!! Is this called love? I am so sorry… A big-big disappointment…

The plot is ridiculous. The protagonist has only one thing in mind. As a reader you feel disgusted and nauseated. Thanks to the overdose of cheap scenes and narratives.

I say the book is a shit…
Try to stay away from it…
I think the author was aware of the fact too…
That’s why he named the book so!!!

As many thumbs down as possible!!!

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