Wednesday, 11 July 2012

On a rainy day...

It was a rainy afternoon
Sun was hiding
Letting the clouds to wrestle with each other
Wind was blowing
And ah! The drizzling was sizzling
I started walking carrying my blue umbrella
I was terrified from within
I did not know what to talk
He was my childhood friend
But we were not children anymore
So many unanswered questions
Too many uncertain thoughts
I wanted to talk to him
I turned back and he was not there
I wanted to hear him
I turned back and he was not there
I wanted to draw him close to me
I turned back and he was not there
I turned back and still he was not there
Sun was still hiding and darkness was evading
Then, I turned back again
And oops! I saw him
Droplets of rain dripping from his hair
Thus, he emerged as the sunshine of my life
I started reducing my pace
I walked slower and slower
Ah! At last he neared me
And at last he started walking beside me
I asked, “Do you want me to share my umbrella?”
He smiled showing his flawless tooth
His eyes was twinkling brighter than the stars
Thus, we started our journey together
A journey of love… Relationship…
A journey of life…
I wished that the days with him never end
I hoped that he would never set like the scintillating Sun does
I knew that I had found my love
I continued to walk with him
The alarm roared
I woke up with a smile in my eyes
I wished that was not a dream
I wished he was there next to me
How I wish that he could read this
And recollect those sweet days
How I wish he continues to say that I am the World for him
How I wish he never left me for another
How I wish he comes back to me
A smile again broke
“That was just a dream”, said an inner voice
I wished he was real….
Hey Sunlight… Was that a mere dream?


  1. I loved the swinging of reality and dreams. Love leaves us often confused, the dreamy side of us battling with the reality. Your poem has reminded me of my friend. Feelings lovely penned! :)

  2. Thanks a lot. So glad that you liked it :)