Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sunny days

Sunny days those were
She enjoyed the shades
Yellow and orange
Saffron and deep red
She observed the transformation

Colors of love they were
Shades of passion they were
The intensity was elating
She was just there

She thought
Sunlight will always be there
That Sun will never leave her in darkness
Heat used to make her feel uneasy
But she celebrated the occasional warmth

Warmth started reducing day by day
Heat became intolerable
She tried hard to sustain
But she failed
The heat was too much to bear

Moving away was not easy
Shade was not friends with her
But, she opted to move on
Sunny days were not all
She realized once and for all

She started walking under the shades
Beads of sweat never erupted
The chill breeze brought smile in her face
She knew Sunlight is not all
Life is far beyond that

She understood the stark reality of life
She treasured those shades of red
Red, the color of love and passion
Yet she opted to move on
For her own sake, if not for sun’s!

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