Friday, 20 July 2012

This is what Indian movies taught me!!!

 am known as a movie buff. I am a diehard fan of Indian masala movies. I love the typical movies where Hero is heroic enough to be God and the heroine is enigmatic enough to be Goddess. I applaud… I comment… I sit cross legged on the cozy multiplex seats. For me get together and outing can never be complete without watching a movie at a theatre. A song will always be running in the back of my mind. I hum selective songs which could suit my mood and the situations. I pride my ability to recognize the song tunes and rightly guess who composed it, the lyricist, the singer, the movie... and what not!!! I relentlessly boast about my ability to recall the song lines impeccably.

Oh… I am a complete movie fan….

And I was wondering... What did movies teach me? Did I learn anything at all?

Yes, I have!!!
And… here it goes…

*    The Heroine will always be charmed by the Hero and she would fall in love with him, doubtlessly

*    The Heroine will always be cute and she would be either sister or daughter of a gangster… rowdie… bad politician… wanted criminal… or someone who involves himself in criminal activities

*    The Hero can look rugged… ragged… bald… fat… dark… old… etc.. etc…. But, the heroine will always be an eye candy. She would be fair… slim… straight hair… an Angel on Earth

*    A mole would make the hero unrecognizable and he would look like a different person all together

*    The songs will be shot at the most exotic locations... covered with snow… The hero will be wearing a suite or will be covered with layers o clothing and boots. But, the heroine will be wearing a sleeveless micro mini and sandals.
*    Miss World or at least Miss India is a confirmed ticket to Bollywood

*    A single song can take the hero from rags to riches

*    Heroine’s love can change the meanest of culprits. Her love can change the drug addict… obsessive smoker… compulsive drinker

*    If the hero is feeling annoyed or romantic... there will be an assured rain

*    The hero and his little sister will be very close. The hero will sacrifice everything for his sister’s husband. And the sister will be forbidden from meeting her brother post marriage

*    The heroine will realize her love for the hero at the exact moment when another guys extends his hands to tie the knot

*    The hero and heroine will be best friends. They would have grown up together. And ultimately, they would fall in the mesh called love

*    The hero will be having a best friend. He would totally forget him on getting his lady love

*    The hero will be wearing sunglasses even in a fight and it will never once slip off. There will not be a single stain in the white shirt; neither he would be subjected to any wounds

*    The hero and the heroine will definitely end up in marriage in the climax

*    If the hero’s name is ‘Raj’ in Hindi films and ’Karthik’ in Tamil movies, it signifies that he is romantic… well mannered…. Reliable

*    The heroine will be wake up in the morning from bed… Still her hair will be unruffled… Eye makeup on… Even the lips stick will be tantalizing

I think it would be wise if I stop now… The list seems never ending… I have learnt so much by watching movies, isn’t it?

Well, I don’t deny that there are a few out of the box movies too… I don’t deny that some movies really influence us… That they help us to recognize the characters and travel with them… But, no one can deny that those genres of movies are very less.

But hey! I am not complaining. I love such crazy films. I am a fan of it. I am addicted to it. And… I am a proud Indian… Who still loves to occupy the backmost seat in the theater… who loves to nibble a cone ice cream during the intermission… who excitedly wait for the trailers of the latest movie… who loves to ramble about the film…

After all…
Phir bhi dil hain hisndustani!!!!

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