Friday, 6 July 2012

Thus I befriended words...

I befriended English when I was as young as three years old. At that time, English was the easiest of all to me. I thought I had mastered it. After all, English was…

But alas! Life can never be that simple. There came vowels, consonants, verb, noun and what not! Tenses tensed me and question tags nagged me. Yet, it never once failed to charm me. The foray into the language was more like a treasure hunt.

Slowly, the urge to use the newly learnt words multiplied. It accelerated the tryst with the enigmatic English. Spelling mistakes became unavoidable and grammatical errors were integral. But, the thirst never dampened. It only grew higher and wider.

The result?
I befriended English.
I started the journey with her
It was refreshing like an evening walk under the orange Sun
It was invigorating like getting drenched in the summer downpour
It was energizing and vitalizing
In due course, I ripped myself off from solitude

And today as I sit back on my cozy green chair with arms and wonder, I realize that words form a vital part of human emotions. Any emotion, if not properly expressed with the appropriate words is a vain. Further, it immerses the person in shame.

Words are the best of friends one can ever have. It just listens to what we have in mind. It never counters us nor does it annoy us. The words let us think and reach to our own conclusion. It doesn’t know to advice and it never feels irritated or insulted. It always lets us be ourselves, thereby, mitigating the need to falsify.

Such a soul mate words are! It never bores us. It is so deep that we always have something to discover. It is so extensive that the journey is never-ending and mesmerizing.

Solitude vanishes and we feel rejuvenated. We feel like an ear is lent to our feelings and someone is actually listening to us. That is the most elating feelings of all.

This friend called words wakes up with us and sleeps with us. It travels with us all around and lets us absorb the World around like a sponge. It holds our hands and allows us to narrate. Further, it acts as a journal letting us to recall those golden days and keep track of those good old memories.  It lets us feel nostalgic and enables us to feel scintillating sixteen when we are at sweet sixty! It brings back the lost sparkling smile while we think read about how crushed we were by the first crush, It sprinkles glee when we think about how badly we were infected by infatuation. It would also evoke the thoughts of those lovely days when we were infuriated in cavernous love.

Thank God!!
The words would help the lovely memories stay lush perpetually.

Oh friend…
The best of friends!!!
I have no word to praise you
Or describe how constructive a role you play in my life
Yes, I have no words…

All I have to say is…
Dear words...
Never fail to bewitch me
Because that would be my downfall too
I can’t imagine a life without you
You made me what I am
And I am proud that I befriend you!!!

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