Wednesday, 4 July 2012

True to Truth

This week’s topic – True - is too close to my heart.  By making a subtle variation to the topic - True to truth -  I am presenting my set of Haiku... I am so happy that I am prompted to write on it. After all… I am named as “Satya Rekha”

The most difficult task
To move in the line of stark truth
That’s what my name stands for

My name - Satya - means “truth”
I am known as flawless liar
How ironical!!!

Oh… I beg you
Truth hurts leaps and bounds
Please don’t say

It’s an absolute lie
Much better than the bitter truth
At least I am happy

As a part of Haiku Challenge


  1. Satya and Truth --- nice correlation !!!

  2. Ha ha ha..i was worried if ur gonna say ur so truthful in wat al u say.. Atleast i kno u very well ma akka..

  3. lovely set :) nicely composed together :) love the pics too :) simple yet deep :)