Saturday, 14 July 2012

With specs on...

Mamma was wearing sometime
Papa was wearing all the time
Brother was reluctant to wear all the time
Friend was wearing for a long time
He was wearing at times
She was wearing most of the time
And I used to snatch that;
Try it out on myself
I used to complain that my vision is blurred
They used to tease that I look like a school teacher
Some used to tell that I look like a news reporter
But I used to enjoy, grabbing attention
The colors and textures always attracted me
I wanted to be perceived as a thinker
Yet I was proud about my impeccable vision
Until eyes starting aching and head pounding
An old doctor said, “You spend too much time in front of system”
Thus, I was asked to wear one too
Ouch! It hurts
To see the World through rigid lenses
As if the World has shrunk
As if I am locked in a suffocating room
Oops! But I do look sophisticated
As if an obsessive thinker
As if a strict school teacher
As if studious and a first bencher
And like a Chartered Accountant!??!!

PS: Please take care of your eyes. They are precious gifts. Work... Laptop... Computer.... television... Movies... Mobile phone.... They are integtral... Also harmful... Take regular breaks and let your eyes breathe too... 

My eye specialist said, "Walking a few kilometers will be a joyful experience. But, walking miles and miles will make you feel tiered and sick. Eyes is no different. Let it take rest."

Dear all... Let it take rest... Let it sparkle... We take life and everything associated with it for granted. We realise its values on ailing or loosing... But, please never be that way...

Take care...
Its better late than never at all!!! Y

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