Saturday, 25 August 2012

All is well that ends well!!

It is hard to understand human emotions. Our mood keeps changing and shifting. Not just the circumstances, but the people around us significantly influence us. I may be sounding too theoretical. But let me tell you, I am not.

Professionally, this week was very demanding. I was drained… tensed and depressed. But, the moment I entered my home for a chilled out weekend, my mood started lifting. As an icing on the cake, I have cleared the exams that I had taken this June.

As I am adding words to this post… As I am rewinding the week that went past… I have no complaints… hard feelings... sadness… This further makes me wonder how human beings can have such radical mood swings! It reemphasizes the fact that the human race stands above all other creations!!!

Or is this why they say… All is well that ends well!!

Ouch… Today I am feeling very self obsessed. Hence, I don’t want to torture my readers with the prolonged writing… I just want to sit back and enjoy the attention…. Yes! You heard it right… I want to sit back and enjoy all the attention that I am giving to myself…!!! Wink!!!

Fleeing for a happening and self obsessed weekendJ

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