Friday, 10 August 2012

Eaga/Eacha/Naan E

It has been a long time since a movie has been a complete entertainer. It has been a really long time since a movie has entertained everyone in the family. It has been a really long time since a movie has drawn both family and friends equally to theatre…

And Eega – ensured that!!!

Can a housefly take revenge? Does that have the ability to put a human’s life in danger? Can a housefly lift a needle? Can it really escape the poisonous repellants? Can a housefly really scare a human and leave him sleepless?

Come on… Don’t expect me to answer all this… Go and watch “Eaga” – dubbed in Tamil as “Naan E” and in Malayalam as “Eacha”

Sudeep has come out with outstanding performance. Samantha has shred so much of weight and looks fresh. Nani, who apparently, appears for only few minutes, has acted convincingly. He convinces us that his love is genuine.

The show stealer indeed is the housefly. We empathize with HIM and HE is such a sweetheart. Bravo to the team who have created the housefly with so much love. I say this because usually houseflies will be depicted as irritating insects.

A mention to the master mind behind this story needs to be given. Reincarnation is not a new idea. There have been enough stories before on that subject. But, this film is outstanding because the hero reincarnates himself as a housefly; not as a human!

It is such a good movie, dude. So I am not going to rate it…
Please go for the movie. Laughing fits assured.

Beware of the after effects thought… It is that you will start noticing houseflies around!!!


  1. Is it in Hindi or English too?

    1. This is originally made in Telugu.
      Dubbed in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi

  2. Rajamouli Rocks!
    Eega! favorite movie in recent times!...Loved this movie...!
    Good review Loco!