Thursday, 2 August 2012

For you brother - On Rakshabandhan

I wish I had a brother. The craving and longing for a brother has been there since the day I remember myself. I wish I had an elder brother who would tease me… who would nag me… who would irritate me… who would love me… Cuddle me… take me for night outs… get me ice cream at mid night… take me for long rides… shoo away the Romeos… I really wish I had an elder brother… He would have bought me new dresses… spoil me with lavish gifts… stand by me during bad times…

Indeed an elder brother is an all-in-all package. He would play the role of a mother and love without any bias. He would act the part of a father and be our bodyguard with a loving face. He would be a friend available round the clock. He would be just everything.

If the theory of reincarnation and rebirth is true, I swear that I will be reborn again in order to feel the love of an elder brother.

Too dramatic? Well, no way out. This is one emotion that I feel and one oath I make on a regular basis… every year rather!!!

After all… Its Rakshabandhan today!!!

Rakshabandhan is the day that celebrates the divine relationship shared by brothers and sisters. On this auspicious day, sisters will tie a thread – Rakhi/ Rakshabandhan – on their brother’s hands. And, brothers will gift them something tangible. (Well, the intangible gift, love, is always kept aside and poured out regularly by them, isn’t it? Too dramatic again? I really cannot help it!)

My early days were spent in Bangalore. I remember my mother taking me to Malleswaram 8th cross. I used to look at the varied designs of Rakshabandhan and look at my mother longingly. That’s how it started… buying one Rakshabandhan every year. I used to buy one and keep it aside. I used to believe that my brother is somewhere around me. I used to feel like he is watching me… drenching me with his love…

If human beings expected life span is 100 years, I have almost completed 1/4th of it. But, even today I make sure that I buy one for my brother – a brother who is residing in my heart… within me… around me… and as me!

And this post is dedicated to my brother… who is the essence of my life… who never lets me feel alone… who always accompanies me like the air I breathe…. Like the wide blue sky… Who follows me like clouds… who makes his presence felt in the form of chill breeze…

Dear Anna…
You are the World to me
The craving is never ending
You are not there with me
Yet the presence is always felt
I see you within me
I feel you around me
I know you are watching me
Never leaving me alone
You are there Anna…
I know you are there
So here I am
With all the love
Love you!!!

Today being Rakshabandhan, I wish all those girls blessed with an elder brother; and also those who at least have a younger one.

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