Saturday, 18 August 2012


I got up as always
The shining Sun and the chirping birds
My mama was busy cooking
My papa was engaged in newspaper
I dressed up in my neatly pressed uniform
Hair was neatly two-plaited
Then, carried my red school bag
I walked along those familiar lanes
So many known faces passed
We exchanged smile

Thus, I reached my second home
I walked towards my place
I felt the warmth of that wooden desk
I sat there and peeked out of the window
The green leaves swayed
As if waving hands to me
“Today no classes”, announced our teacher
But, we were not happy
We were asked to smile for the camera
Eyes didn’t. Only face did

Everything seemed the same
The classroom and the benches
The lawn and those gates
The ringing bells and the array of cycles
We all came from different backgrounds
Yet that day we shared the same feelings
We all felt sad; we didn’t want to move on
We wanted to stay there; why did we grow up
We wanted to answer “Present” for attendance
We wanted to be there; together

Desires and reality
Never complement each other
They are different poles
We were stuck in between them
Sadness was in air
Taste of salty tears lingered
Shake hands exchanged
Slam books filled up
We bid farewell
We walked apart - forever?

I then walked shivering
With tear filled eyes
Shattered from within
My last at school
It was my abode; my identity
Now it is not mine
I have no claim over it
I am just another alumni member
I hope that walls and desks remember me
I will miss them though

I will miss the National anthem sung in chorus
I will miss the luncheons had with friends
I will miss those fishing for free hours
I will surely miss those careless days
Life is going to change
Nothing will be the same
I am unable to control my tears
A lump in the throat 
Due to the lump felt at heart
I will miss my school days…

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