Monday, 27 August 2012

Thank you - a 1,00,000 times!!!!

Today it is 306 days….And… I have been anxiously waiting for this moment… And I am enthralled that it did!

My baby blog has got 1,00,000 hits!!!

And here I sit back and think….

The journey as a blogger has been very satisfactory. It made me realize that I can write. It taught me to observe and it taught me to fix words for my thought process. It was difficult initially. It is still difficult; but I am used to it now.

“Locomente” has become my alternative identity. I am able to associate myself with my pen name. At times, I also go through identity crisis. I would feel like telling the World who I am… But then I would stop myself… Locomente should not be confused with my personal likes and dislikes, isn’t it?

But my self-obsession is not letting me remain silent…. And I am still fighting with myself… Should I talk about me or about the blogger in me? I dont know... All I know is blogging made me realize that writing is not just another hobby… but a passion by itself.

Today, I wish to thank a handful of people who have been very encouraging… some critically analyzing… When I was busy nurturing my baby blog, these people have stood by me…

First of all… I have to thank Google which helped me surf and coin “Locomente”

Then, my parents; they ask me about the posts I have written and the number of hits it has received… They never fail to do that and it has become a routine now.

My chief reviewer – Vijay; He still laughs at me and make fun of me for all the careless yet apparent grammar and spelling mistakes. He continues to find faults which continue to scare me.

Then, I have to thank Siby sir… He reads my post and sends a lengthy mail saying what he liked and disliked in it… Further he would add some of his experiences in relation to the topic.

Valli and Green Spec… for being regular readers and giving tablets of motivation without fail.

Blogadda… A mere thank you may not be enough…. This site provided me with three sets of books for review… And a pair of sunglasses as a part of winning a competition hosted by them.

Same is the case with Indiblogger. They provide me with prompts that would make me dwell into it deeper and come out with something.

Haiku Heights introduced me to the World of Haiku. I still err. But, I never give up. It helped me venture int0 a very different forte.

And so many others… Who read and react…. It is you who made me think, observe and conceive idea… It is you who made me want to write more and more… It is only you who always helped me improve…

This little nest I have built in blogosphere means a lot to me. It is a part of me… An alternative identity…

Locomente is the closest friend to me now. It spreads warmth within. I am overwhelmed and awed at the same time. A gush of emotions is flowing within. I am unable to fix words as my thought flow is much faster than my typing speed.

Here this Locomente says
Dear readers… you made this possible…
You made me what I am today…
I am not only thankful… but grateful also…
I vow to write more… I vow to write good…
When words seems too less… All I can say is….
Thank you – A 1,00,000 times!!!


  1. It was great to know so much more about you, and your blogging journey ... keep up the good work :-)


  2. congrats ...
    Amazing journey ... keep writing more !!

  3. Congrats dear....Let the count keep going...All the best :)
    Keep writing and Happy Blogging :)

  4. Another milestone in your blogging journey....Congrats....