Monday, 13 August 2012

Unavoidable Seven!!!

Sweetest Sunday
Mortifying Monday
Tangy Tuesday
Thoughtful Thursday
Fruitful Friday
Satisfying Saturday

There are seven days in a week and each day influences our behavior. Our mood sways to the tune and aura set by the day. Some days makes us happy. Some lets us feel lazy and some others leave us feeling dejected.

Other things remaining the same, we wake up feeling the same on a daily basis; especially if we are driven by routine. I know I am sounding like an Economist. How else can I sound? After all, human emotions are subjective and it is hard to dig and dwell deep into it.

Days have this tendency to affect our behavior too. On Sundays we will be amazingly charged and will be trying hard for the effective utilization of time. On Fridays we keep praying that evening comes soon. Wednesday is the neutral of all the days. We feel neither charged nor dejected; we just feel normal!

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  1. So True ... For me, Friday is the most anticipated day, as I get two days holiday after that ... However, I start fearing about Monday as soon as Sunday night comes :-(