Friday, 24 August 2012

When somebody loves you…

She was holding his hands… walking along the busy streets… At times, he would shift his hands to her shoulders and they would exchange a smile…

He is not a friend yet, she thought. She was also sure that he was not a stranger anymore. They shared a strange camaraderie. It may be love, she thought with insight.

She was not conscious of his presence. Yet she felt his presence around her. They were walking. Sometimes the crowd would tear them apart. At times, the narrow path would force them to move closer.

She knew that he was very different from her. He was more refined and diplomatic. He was too silent and kept things to himself.

As they crossed the busy roads, he held her hands tight. She wondered how they developed that sense of belongingness and care so fast. She was amazed at the pace at which the relationship was progressing.

She was sure that he was attracted to her. His mannerisms always ensured that. She noticed an appealing glint in his eyes when she was around. Not that he was missing her during other times, but he was happier when she was around. She knew that… somehow!  

Unusual it was…. But she was strongly attracted to him too. He was so different and yet he seemed so similar to her. She smiled at her thought trails as she followed him like a kitten.

As the crowded roads were replaced by the deserted lanes, she started talking to him. She sang songs and she laughed aloud. She ranted about everything. She complained how work life bored her. She explained how impeccably she remembers their first meeting. He nodded… Occasionally added a one word here and there… But he always managed to withhold that twinkle in eyes…

Sometimes he would sigh. She would think that he was getting irritated with her. She would think that he was getting annoyed and that she was boring him. She would, then, stop abruptly. At that time, he would grab her hands and stop her to say, “Sorry”. After all, he knows that she gets hurt easily due to his careless attitude.

Thus they walked… miles and miles… Hand in hand… shoulder to shoulder… At times, air of friendship would prevail over. At times, an unknown feeling would creep within. Yet, they continue to walk…. Happiness always lingered around… So did contentment… May be this is what happens when somebody loves you…

Written as a part of Carry On Tuesday Prompt