Saturday, 4 August 2012

Where are we heading?

A walk to the nearby market is replaced by a ride in two-wheeler. A hearty laugher is replaced by the frequently used “LOL”.  All the communications are made through SMS… or E-mail. If you feel like seeing someone, you log into Facebook and “like” their photos. In order to get update on what is happening in the friend’s life, we check their “tweets”.

If we come across a new word, we google. We google if we want to know anything under the Sun… and beyond that as well. Books are replaced by E-books. Writing Diary is now digitized.

Excitement on seeing the new modeled pen…Or the pride in holding the newly acquired pen is a distant dream. Shopping is done online and those hours spent on a shop trying out the clothes and accessories are rare. No more outdoor games. It is video games now.

Discipline in life is non-existent. We do everything as we wish and when we wish. People travel miles away from the loved ones excusing that the World is shrink into one tiny nest. But, the feel of the touch of the loved ones, the glint in their eyes and the air of belongingness cannot be provided by the digital era.

Now, holding a laptop or an E-book reader is considered to be in vogue. But, the happiness of owning a book and marking our initials on the first page is a different feel altogether. Then, the smell of old books and the smile of nostalgia that the scribbling in our old diaries give can never be swapped.

A brief walk to the nearby road with a few nodding heads with a smile in their face acknowledging the friendship… Dancing trees… Swaying wind… Chirping birds… Can that be enjoyed I we are enclosed in an air conditioned car?

I don’t know where we are heading. But, I am dead sure that the direction is not right. All these technologies were developed to reduce the burden of humans. But, this addiction has accelerated a new form of burden. Man is supposed to be the master; after all he is the father. But, the situation witnessed is reverse.

Hence, all I can say is that I really don’t know where we are heading!!!

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  1. You have summarized modernization so well ... I completely agree with you ... life has become too artificial now !!!