Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dear teacher...

Its teacher’s day today… and here I am missing those regular learning days… Days when we need to attend all the classes… Think really hard and come out with innovative ideas to bunk classes… Think harder to give pet name to our teachers… Some names will be given out of sheer love while some teachers will be named with vengeance… Some teachers’ positive remarks motivates towards betterment… Some teachers’ derogatory remarks make us struggle hard to prove them wrong…

I am walking down the memory lane and thinking of those good old days when my mother used to wake me up… dress me up… And take me to school… Some teachers have been inspiring… some have been menacing…

You taught my name
You worked hard for my fame
You taught me what life is
You held my hands and led towards bliss
You trained me to be independent
You ensured that I am well educated
Oh dear mother,
My first teacher!

Sun and moon
Earth, crust, mantle and core
I was just one among the crowd
But you loved me as if I am the only one
You smiled when I lied
You consoled when I cried

Verb and adverb
Subject and predicate
Noun and pronoun
Poetry and prose
Grammar and literature
You taught them all
I erred, I misspelled
You corrected
And, ensured my diction
You said I can write…
You said I have to work harder though

Debit what comes in
Credit what goes out
Accounting principles and policies
Levels of Management
Need hierarchy theory
You taught what posting and casting is
You taught to tally Balance sheet
You taught to qualify an audit report
You differentiated between error and fraud
You taught that human wants are unlimited
You said money cannot be the only scale to measure development

Dear teachers…
You taught lessons
You taught life
Some were raw definitions
Some were refined morals
Thanks for holding my hands;
And leading me through
You are the diamonds…
I am the mere sheen it gives!!!

PS: This post is dedicated to all the teachers…

My mother… Helen miss… Ramani miss… Subashree miss… Madhini miss… Subramanian sir… Shyju teacher… Lalitha teacher… Priya teacher… Manoharan sir… Vijay sir… Ramachandran sir… Jayaraman sir… Vaitheeswaran sir… And many more to come!!! Thank you all….


  1. As a former teacher, I must say you got it! The whole interaction, including what you give back makes it work. Bravo for being the diamond as well as the sheen.