Friday, 14 September 2012

Myriad Memories from Melbourne

Melbourne cricket ground…  Federation Square… Bathing Boxes, Mt Martha … Great Ocean Walk…

The magnanimous cricket ground - A ground which brings Indians together and make them bite fingers in anxiety! The ground has seen Indian cricket team win! It has seen them cheer with glee… It has also seen those times when they lost… I want to go to that ground. I want to feel the gush of patriotism flow within me… I want to feel the air which has smelled both success and failure… A stark reality of life... That nothing could be permanent; ups and downs are a part and parcel of life. Oh… How I wish that I could watch a live match there. Such an enthralling experience that would be - an experience that I can share with generations that follow.

In fact, all the places bring the strongest feelings of déjà vu. Thanks to the innumerous movies shot in Melbourne. I could recall those exotic places where the hero and heroine would romantically sway to melodious tunes…

A long walk with bare feet on the Great Ocean walk and Mt Martha would be splendid. It would be more enchanting if a loved one is there to hold hands. The waves and colors of ocean… The blend of sky with the Ocean would be delight to eyes… Sweet breeze would hit us and adds to the romantic aura… And… A few snaps of me with the picture perfect place as the background would be a possession that I can carry back to home… A possession that I can hold with pride!

I am not very fond of going to zoos. I keep saying that tiger and peacock looks the same everywhere. I have visited so many zoos that the thought of going to on such place again bores me. But, Penguins!! I have never seen them… There is something so charming about them… The way they walk… I wish to see the way little penguins waddle across the beach to their sand dune borrows. And Philip Island is the right place for that!

Such a coffee addict I am… And Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia! So an evening at Federation Square…. Sipping a cup of coffee… Drinking not just the coffee, but also the scenic beauty of Victoria… People belonging to varied culture… The colors… Orange shades…. And saffron Sun… Crimson sky and yellow light… Oh! A palate of color that would never fail to cast a spell… And I wish to stay spellbound!

Churches have this tendency to awe… I love to visit churches… They carry tranquility with it. And… I wish to visit St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral… Its golden color… Its antic architecture… And the way it blends with the modern buildings… It’s a different feel altogether… Then, I wish to go inside and kneel down… I want to close my eyes and feel calmness surrounding me. I would like to pray Him to give peace within me as well… Then, I would light a candle hoping that my pain would fade away with it!

Queen Victoria Market!!! I can’t wait more to go there… The shopaholic in me is whining…  A lengthy window shopping coupled with some serious shopping… And a few souvenirs purchases for family and friends… Ah! Now I need to go back to my room and do packing!

No… I don’t have fear of heights… And the height of divinity can be felt by reaching the heights…Literally! I want to go to Eureka Sky Deck 88… I wish to enclose myself in that glass cube… I want to see the panoramic view… The skies… The landscape… The miniature version of the majestic World.. That would be so overwhelming… I am eager to treat my eyes!

The Vegetarian within is hungry… And the Indian within me is feeling proud… So many Indian restaurants… So many Indian faces… Wow! That’s the privilege of being India… We would never feel estranged!

The best way to get the essence of any place is to travel by way of their public conveyance… And Tram is the best available option… I would buy a ticket from the start station to the designati0n station… I wish to sit back and catch the local air of the place… That would be an experience that I can hold to myself… A gift to me; I don’t want to share that with anyone... Come on, I don’t have to be generous, do I? Wink!

Boy! Melbourne is a colorful place… There are so many places to visits… So many moments to cherish…

As I head back to Inida… I will be carrying a baggage of merchandise I collected from Melbourne… That may not be heavy… But my heart will be heavy… It will be carrying so many colorful memories… Those memories are the priceless acquisition from Melbourne… I may fly back to my Homeland… But the smell of Melbourne will always remain verdant in my heart…

PS: To confess… This is the most difficult post I have ever written till date… I have never been to Melbourne… And writing something on it was a challenge… I did detailed research... Went through innumerous pictures to grasp the feel of Melbourne… I almost feel like I have been there!  Thank you Indiblogger… For giving such a great opportunity!!!


  1. Well narrated, wishes for u to c the place soon!! good luck!!

  2. All the best with the contest :-)