Saturday, 1 September 2012

Silent September

Ouch... It’s September!

Only three more months for a hopefully happy and happening New Year! Time is running so fast... Can’t we just stop time? Can’t we elongate those joyous moments? Can’t we erase those depressing moments? Can’t we forget those insults?? Can’t we draw those pride moments closer to heart??

And hey! This is my 301st post... I am wondering how I managed to write so much. What did I write at all?? Only one more month to go.... My baby blog will be a year old!

These eight months have been eventful. So many changes... Countless experiences... Plethora of acquaintances.... Heart breaks and heart aches.... Some events astounded me… Some were expected…

September brings back the memories of my articleship... We used to work long hours ensuring that Tax audit deadline is met. Sundays used to be working day. We used to countdown for the dawn of October. Now… I am missing that madness… I am missing those days…

September… Rain continues… Now I am used to muddy roads and puddles of water… I am not forgetting to carry an umbrella….

Festive mood is still around… Loads of festivals to follow… Looking forward for them and hoping that I could spend time at home on those days!

I am still thinking hard… Is this all about September? I am still thinking… Peering through my glasses… People who catch me in this posture may think that I am a perennial thinker… Is that a mere perception or am I really a thinker? I am deviating from the topic again… Is this all about September? May be it is… May be September made me think… May be September is being a silent spectator; allowing me to think and surmise!

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