Thursday, 4 October 2012

Change From Within

In life change is inevitable. And we all hope for change too. If such a change positively influences our lives, we rejoice; we celebrate. If it impacts us negatively, we cry and complain.


Yes! We complain.


We complain that the pollution is rising…  Petrol and diesel price is increasing… Availability of cooking gas is diminishing… Electricity rates are shooting up… Rain has become less frequent… Scarcity of water… Obesity… Lesser social connectivity and more virtual unity…


We go on and on backed by a never ending list of complaints… We think that complaining can solve the problems. We argue that people in power are less responsibility. We quote that with great power come responsibility. We believe that each dusk has a dawn.


Then, we find ways to earn more. We buy cars and bikes. We install centralized air conditioning in our home. We ensure uninterrupted power supply. We buy ipod… Notepad… Notebook… And what not! We buy more to satisfy our snobbish thirst.


On a weekend, we sit at home watching television – the idiot box… Surfing the internet… listening to songs in ipod… playing video games… chatting in Facebook… when boredom engulfs, we tweet… we poke… we ‘like’ the status updates…


We blame... We strive for a change. We want to “Go Green”… we want lesser pollution… We want the planet to be serene. But, are we co-operating at all?


Why can’t we take stairs instead of a lift? Why can’t we walk to the market and nearby places instead of driving a personal vehicle? Why can’t we go by bus?


Why do we need AC all the day? AC at office… AC in car… AC at home… Please… Enough of it!


Aren’t we consuming too much of petrol and electricity? Aren’t we the sole reason behind this scarcity? In spite of that, we are blaming others… we are praying for a change… Can’t we be the change?


Can’t we play with friends and family? Why do we need video games all the time? Can’t we visit our loved ones instead of pinging... chatting… messaging?


Why can’t we buy a book? Why do we need an E-book? Can’t we surf the dictionary? Do we need a dictionary app for that?


We have high take on education and its importance. But, do we shudder when a little girl comes to our home as a helper? Do we take any steps? Do we offer to sponsor the lost education to her? Are we ready to do that? I don’t think so. We are more concerned about getting our household chores done than their education.


Yes, education could bring radical changes. It could change the way people look at things. It would lead to both economical and social development. We know all that. But, are we ready to make that simple sacrifice; take that small risk? Why can’t we buy those poor kids notebooks and stationeries? Will that make a huge difference to our economical status? But, it will make a huge difference to that kid’s life. Do we understand that?


I believe that change comes from within. It comes from us. We have to be the change. I don’t know if we, as individual, eradicate poverty. But, we may do that if we pledge in unison. Why can’t we stop watching out for the keys of the Swiss Bank lockers? Why can’t we just expend some penny from our pocket?


Why can’t we reduce the use of petrol and petroleum products? That would lead to lesser demand and fall in the price, right? Why don’t we decide it now?


Do we need a Facebook and twitter to stay connected? Do we really care about the lives of friends’ friends? Are we spending time with our immediate family?  When was that last time we really laughed aloud? No… I am not talking about the annoying LOL!


Then, one more thing… None of us would have been here if our parents were not there. It was not their mere presence, but their love coupled with heaps of sacrifices made us what we are. They hid their tears, pain and hardships. They smiled through us. They are the only souls who love without expectations. They never complained when we wailed as babies. They never felt disgusted when we threw up. Then, why do we find it hard to serve them?  Taking care of them is imperative. I pity all who fail to take care of their parents.


Life is short. We may complain endlessly and hope for a change relentlessly. We may find faults and blame others. But, self-introspection is primary. Understanding our flaws and negating them is the path that would lead to a change. Such a change would help us mold the World the way we want. The satisfaction that gives would be delightful.


And I wish to see such a change; a sea of change that would plunge from within. Lets hold our hands together… And pledge for bringing the change… A change that would render mother Earth beaming with contentment… A change that would help to produce a better tomorrow!

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