Saturday, 20 October 2012

His Greed and her Misery...

She stared at her husband who was sleeping beside her. She tried to recall the last time they had laughed together.

His greed for money has rendered him as a workaholic. He was climbing up the hierarchal ladder very fast.

He always gifted her with expensive rubies and emeralds… rare cut diamonds and classy watches. They dined in the finest restaurants and tasted the yummiest cuisines.

She wondered why he failed to understand that she longed for his smile and hug; not jewels and money.

She patted her sleeping daughter lovingly. She realized that her baby has not seen her father for a month now. She feared that her one year old baby may forget her father soon.

Her colossal house and costly white marble stared back at her.

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  1. You have created such a beautiful story in so few words ... well done !!!