Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Just Married Please Excuse

Yashodhara is 23 years old. She is childish and throws tantrums most of the time. She is a graduate from IIM and is totally focused on her career.

Vijay is 30 years old. He is an Engineer from IIT. His modest upbringing has rendered him as a very caring and matured person. He speaks his mind and is never diplomatic.

The two people meet... Date... Fall in love... And get married in spite of the differences... Yes! Differences.... Differences in age... Characteristics... Upbringing... Backgrounds... And what not!

Just Married Please Excuse by Yashodhara Lal is a story of two people who get spliced despite being complete opposites. As they say, opposites get attracted and marriage follows. What happens after that forms the major part of the story.

Thus evolves story about the couples’ take on routine matters of life. From the home's décor to the upbringing of their little one, Anoushka, who is lovingly called as ‘Peanut’ throughout the narrative.

I liked the characterization of the protagonist’s parents. Vijay’s parents take pride in their daughter-in-law’s academic achievements. They don’t complain about the fact that she lacks the skills of a good home-maker. Though they belong to a very orthodox background, their thinking is shown as progressive. A rather true representation of modern day career-oriented women and the way in-laws have started seeing things.

On the other hand, Yashodhara’s mother comes across as more chilled out. She drinks beer with her son-in-law and enjoys her freedom.

The book also puts across an important lesson that needs to be followed for a successful marriage and ‘happily ever after’…. The lesson, being, to adjust! The couple need to accept each other as they are…Expect no changes… Instead they should learn to adapt to their new roles and each other, of course!

In short, the book can be completed in a single sitting and the narrative helps you to envision each situation. It is recommendable for light reading. It portrays the transformation of a young couple who fall in love… get married… It also takes us through their life since parenthood…

 If you are married, I bet you will be able to relate to the situations. If you are not, thinking that the institution of marriage is not as bad as it sounds!


  1. Thanks for the review, much appreciate :)

    1. Thanks a lot Yashodhara. The book was really awesome!

  2. Hey! I've got a new book out 'Sorting Out Sid' - and am currently running a contest on my blog around 'Beer and bloggers' :) - would love to have you participate. Take a look? It's up at www.yashodharalal.com

    1. Thanks a lot Yashodhara. I just now completed reading the book and it was really good!
      Keep writing!