Sunday, 7 October 2012


Life can be really tormenting at times.... It would make us feel bad... It would make us grieve... But it is imperative to understand that nothing can happen by complaining. Life is pouring us with experiences. It is making us wiser. We are becoming stronger after each pitfall.
It is fine to commit all the mistakes when we are still young. When we are young, we will not take things seriously. Life itself is a game for young ones. But committing mistakes at later stage of life can cost not only life but also self esteem. Man's ego is a very sensitive one. It is easy to hurt or cajole someone just by playing with their ego. Such an ego can be tickled at a younger age; but not later.

Besides, there is a dawn after dusk. Hope keeps man going. Life can be as colorful as rainbow. Sometimes it may be as dark as a clear night sky. Instead of cribbing, we should learn to see patterns that form around the pitch darkness.
Human brain is very complex. It can see things the way it wants to. And why not enjoy the intricate patterns and travel into a World of our own instead of complaining? Why not hope for a ray of light? Why not see ourselves under a cyanide of colorful light?

Our mind is our master. Let our mind dominate us. Let us just follow the leader. Our mind would never let us fall. Even if we fall, our mind would teach us the methods to raise and shine. But hey! Beware of that little heart. It may whine and think a lot. It may lead us towards confusion and depression. But, let us continue in the hope for that dot of light... Life would be enthralling.

Be thankful for what you have than complaining. Also dream high... Let these dreams be seen consciously so that it positively motivates us... Because dreams seen in sleep could be easily forgotten...

So live life king size...

Let worries surround...Your mighty mind is there for you... It will rightly lead you... You just move with the flow... There is nothing as simple as that!

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  1. Life should be lived happily, without regrets ... I love your message here :-)