Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Midway in life’s journey...

Her life was perfect. There were no complaints. No regrets. Happiness and laughter dominated her life. Success always stood by her side. She was professionally accomplished and was earning enough. Her friends envied her and she enjoyed the attention.

Work life started to stress her. She started finding less and less time to herself. Her family thought that she would be busy. Her friends thought that success had made her arrogant. Some thought that she was showing too much of attitude. Some others commented that she had become selfish. Some teased that she was enslaved to money.

She was too tired to respond. She knew how lonely she was and how exhausted she felt. She was drained, both mentally and physically.

Loneliness only added to the torture. She realized that she had failed as a person. She had no one to share her professional accomplishments with. She stayed away from her parents. She was old enough to be married and the institution called marriage gave her nerves. She was good looking enough to have a boyfriend. But, she did not have one. She was charming enough to have friends. Yet, she had none.

She cursed the mobile phone that was lying next to her. She cursed it for building a wall between real and virtual World. She wanted to see the smile in the face and glint in the eyes of her loved ones. She was sick of smileys and emoticons. She knew that she has had enough of LOL. She wanted to talk to someone and not message. She wanted to hug someone and not clutch the mobile.

That night, instead of tapping on the familiar keys of her laptop, she opened her daily journal. She opened it and found that she had stopped writing regularly. She turned through the pages. The pages were as blank as her emotions. She forced a smile in her face and stared at the ceiling. The fan was running at full speed. She diverted her gaze towards the curtains. They were dancing to the tune of the breeze. The yellow wall painting infused a strange positivity within her.

She recalled how silent she used to be during her school days and how resilient she has become now. She made a mental analysis and concluded that she used to be happier in company of her daily journal and fictions. She missed the quality time that she used to spend with herself. She realized that she missed herself. She promised to renew the friendship with herself.

Midway in life’s journey, she realized that solitude is bliss.

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