Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Praying for his happiness

My eyes were closed
My heart beat had slowed
I was lying there unconscious
Yet I could hear my heartbeat
And also to the voices of my loved ones

I saw his face
He was young and boyish
He was in his teenage
As I heard him say, “I love you”
His eyes were full of love

I observed that he had grown up
He was tall and looked handsome
He was in late twenties
I heard him say, “I love you”
As we were just married

I saw him laughing
I saw him smiling
At times he was angry
Sometimes he was very sick
But, the twinkle of love never left his eyes

I wanted to see him more
I wanted to feel his touch
I wanted to hear him say, “I love you”
I struggled to open my eyes
And then I saw him

His face had wrinkles
Yet his eyes conveyed his love for me
I stared at him with tears engulfed eyes
He squeezed my hands with love and care
The touch was so divine and magical

He came close to me
I kissed his forehead
He kissed me back
Tears rolled down my cheeks
I smiled and closed my eyes

His tenderness and kindness
His love and passion
Our life as friends and couple
Our grown up children and little grand children
His love and those twinkling eyes

I breathed for one last time
Feeling his touch
Hearing his voice
Thinking of him
Praying for his happiness

As a part of One single Impression