Tuesday, 30 October 2012

She is Single, I am Taken and we are comitted

I was totally excited to read Harsh Snehanshu’s “She is Single, I am Taken, We are committed”. It is the last in the trilogy and I was eager to know what happens in the life of Kanav and Tanya.

But, the first few pages disappointed me. It was full of explicit jokes and Kanav’s futile efforts to fall in love all over again. And I felt a strange uneasiness until Kanav finds his true love. The rest of the story deals with whether Kanav manages to get hold of his true love or not!

Harsh has managed to maintain the flow and the element of uncertainty. The book is a light read. It is not a great work of literature, but a true depiction of the emotions and thought flow of a boy in his late teenage.

If you have enjoyed Harsh’s other two books, I bet that you will enjoy this as well. It is a small book and you can complete in one sitting. It will take make you feel nostalgic. So…Go for the book… But hey! Only after completing other two books of the same author!

To know about the other two book... 

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