Saturday, 6 October 2012

Thundergod – The Ascendance of Indra

As I started to read the book, the aura of myth and surrealism awed me. It was compelling, yet I was unsure. I didn’t know what to expect and what was in store. I surrendered and let the author take me through the saga. And… let me tell you. I am not disappointed.

Thundergod – The Ascendance of Indra, is a mythical saga. It takes us through the lifeline of the King of Gods – Indra. As we flip pages, we realize that the author, Rajiv G Menon, has put lot of research. All the details in the book add to the charm of the book. As readers, we are transported to a different World altogether. A World of warriors, wars, Gods and finally humans!

The story takes us through the events that led to the birth of Indra. It then narrates how he acquired the status of God. The book does not fail to explain each detail and each such detail does not fail to enthrall us.

The book takes us through the events that led to the great flood that wiped Mother Earth once. It speaks about how the mighty land named “Bharatha” was born. The last few pages are a delight. Hence, reading through the first 300pages is worth it.

Yes… The book has 380 pages and an assured page turner. I read most of the book in a single sitting; that is how compelling it is!

However, I wish that the author makes it a little crispier. There were times, I felt as if there is an overflow of detailing; more than what is actually needed.

Various emotions like love, lust, greed, vengeance, power and important of all divinity is beautifully captured.

In short…

Thundergod – The Ascendance of Indra is different. The plot is intriguing. Grab the book… It is a nice way to spend a lazy and sunny afternoon…

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