Monday, 12 November 2012


Ravi Subramanian’s Bankster is a gripping tale of money laundering… power… and politics. It beautifully captures both corporate politics and politics in the name of democracy. It is about the greed for money and the unabashed desire for power. It is about how people use others to satisfy one’s own selfish deeds.

As the story begins, we feel like we are exposed to a few random days in a bank. There are too many detailing and innumerous incidents. There are many characters too.

The book moves slow initially and eventually picks up the pace. There are too many characters and they all carry shades of grey. The detailing of regular banking transactions and the way Relationship Managers are forces to sacrifice their integrity to meet the monthly/half-yearly/annual targets make it interesting.

Vikram Bahl comes across as a smart career oriented guy…He is friendly ansd at the same time knows how to get things things from others.

Harshitha Lele as a professional with integrity…Her insecurity that arises on account of ageing ans the jealousy she feels towards the sensual Zinaida is very real. We all of us will go through such tough phases in our professional life. Sidharth Lele as an understanding husband, is empathetic and understanding. He says the right things at the right times and stands by his wife.

Zinaida as a woman who uses her sensuality to get things done… She knows how to make men fall for her charm. She is a woman who goes one extra mile of bewitching her senior male colleagues to climb up the ladder of hierarchy.

Nikhil and Anand come across as obedient subordinates… They follow their boss’s cues; both implicit and explicit ones.

Tanuja as any other HR; sweet and approachable… She has a fling in the office and shares insider’s information.

Raymond as a dedicated employee… Karan Punjabi as a brilliant investigator…. Indrani as a responsible CEO…

Krishnan Menon as an old man fighting for a mighty cause… He is a man who selflessly takes steps to meet a promise he had made to himself. His dilemma and the way he is used by others is something we see in our day today life. Jayakumar as a corrupt politician…

Kavya? The story would have been the same without her too!

What makes this tale interesting is the plot. It is different… Thankfully not another love story of kids or IIM graduates… It is doesn’t carries clichés (Except Kavya of course)

Oh yeah! It addresses a very important issue that is faced by mother India… An issue that is shaking the Country manifolds – Money laundering! It implicitly says that the one with power should use it rightly and the powerful should never be negligent. It says that the seniors should never be biased or under-estimate their subordinates.

To conclude, I loved the book. It is different and transfixing. Go for the book… A nice way to spend a beautiful weekend! And Ravi Subramanian, we are expecting more books from you… We hope that you would play a vital role in taking Indian fictions to yet another level!

PS: Book review programs of Blogadda always enthrall me. This was more special because I got a personally autographed book by the author. The book would always remain as a cherished possession. And yes! Thank you Locomente! Wink

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  1. So you got the book and finished it too.. Great review here!! :-)