Saturday, 3 November 2012

Festivals... Feasts and all that fiesta!

 Festivals are always special. They bring so much of happiness and tranquility. It brings the entire family together. Special visits and at times, surprise visits will be made to friend’s and relative’s place.

Feasts are another major attraction. Hearty feasts please our heart apart from filling our tummy. No joy can replace the joy of having tasty food with the entire family.

Such are fiestas… Full of fun, laughter and happiness! Navrathri/Dussera is even more special because celebration continues for ten long days!

Now all the cute little dolls have gone back to sleep… And we are awaiting them to wake up… Waiting to see their pretty faces… But oh! That is a year away now!L

But… Carrying those memories that festival gave… Those fun and laughter… Those mouthwatering snacks and glittering attires… The silly jokes shared with friends and gossips shared with family… Hoping that such memories would keep us going…

Wait! Diwali is only a week away… I am loving this… Feasts, festivals and all that fiesta is indeed enthralling!!!

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  1. this post make me remember about doll festival (hina-matsuri) in Japan, they celebrated every March 3rd ^_^.