Monday, 26 November 2012

Happy Tummy

I don’t know why... But for the past consecutive three days, I am taking food only once in a day.

I starve... I crave... Then I finally let my taste buds relive its senses... I let my throat wet and stomach's fill... As my fingers touch food, I feel happy. My stomach’s churns will be replaced with a pleasant tickle...

Food... A necessity... It has the capability to make us feel how both hell and heaven looks like. Some say, food is to sustain life. And some argue that the purpose of life is taking food on time. I don’t know which school of thought you would agree too. Though I believe on the latter.

Think about it... We work to earn... We earn to keep ourselves happy. And... Happiness comes from various sources... Big home... Luxury car... Designer outfits... Branded accessories... Latest technology phone... A cozy afternoon in a multiplex with friends on each sides and soft popcorn in hands... And the list just goes on and on!

But think more... Assume you are starving. Can any of these luxuries please you? Will you be happy??

Anyways... I cannot think more... The waiter is approaching me with a crisp Rava Masala Dosa... My heart is dancing in joy and mouth is watering. So let me keep my smart phone aside and nibble my brunch!

But hey! Don’t forget to take food on time. Remember?? You can spread happiness and work effectively only if your tummy is happy!


  1. That's a healthy advice. I love rava masala dosa. Enjoy this delicious food :-)

  2. HA ha.. Nice piece of wordings dr... Reading it, ma mouth got watering...hmmmm