Friday, 9 November 2012

Kalpathy Theru Kolam Competition - 2012

Here goes mine… I don’t claim to be great… But, I am very happy… It did come out well, isn’t it? Please say YES!!!

Kalpathy Theru season is always fun… Yet another Kolam Competition happened at the mighty village of Kalpathy…  There were around 50 teams. The age of participants varied from 7 to 70. When some drew conservative designs, some amazed with intricate ones. Some were totally innovative and fresh while some were replica of earlier Kolam competitions or straight from Google. Whatever it may be, it was a time robust with zeal, unity and belongingness…  I felt happy seeing little girls actively competing with intricate designs. I thanked heavens… The art of kolam is not going vanish away from our culture.

Others kolam are given below… But before that let me apologize… I could not capture all the kolam designs…


  1. Wow ... these designs are really beautiful !!!

  2. These are all so wonderful. I cannot imagine how such intricate designs are drawn with the kolam powder :o
    Yours sure is beautiful.I especially loved the conch designs!!

  3. Super designs & pics!
    Very creatively done. kudos to the artists!
    Including YOU! Your Kolam is great :)
    Even we make similar designs in Odisha during festivals.
    Proud of Incredible India!