Sunday, 18 November 2012


I bent my head and he tied the knot
The knots of trust and faith
The knots of love and belongingness

I blushed and we exchanged rings
The rings of joy and robustness
The rings of passion and laughter

I smiled and looked into his eyes
The eyes of the man I trust
The eyes of my soul mate

I closed my eyes and prayed
The prayers were for his well being
The prayers were for our togetherness

I looked around and saw people
The people whom I love and care
The people who form a part of identity

As a part of One Single Impression


  1. A wonderful.and lovely poem? L.C. It reminds me of when mrs. Jim and tied our knot
    Thank you for this nice prompt. It a fun write.

  2. This was so sweet ... a perfect take on marriage :-)

  3. How beautiful :) I could picture a marriage ceremony in my mind through your words. Wonderfully written.

  4. romantic...beautiful!