Friday, 2 November 2012

Mighty Marriage...

On my parent's wedding anniversary, I am thinking... Thinking about the need to be married... Rather need to get married!

The decision to get married is the toughest decision. To choose the right partner is important indeed. But, adjusting with the partner and getting the feel that he/she is the right partner is the most important aspect.

Marriage does not unite just two people… But two families…Their extended families... Their friends... Their likes and dislikes... And what not!

But, why marriage is so imperative? Is it because it assures companionship? It gifts us a person with whom we can grow old... Share a part of our life and a part of ourselves... It is a platform that can be used to bid adieu to loneliness. It brings a sense of belongingness and completeness.

And is that all? I don’t know that, really! Small fights... Silly arguments... Occasional dinners... Family get-together... Surprise gifts... Weekend outings... Weekday musings...

Is that all? I am still thinking... Marriage gives someone who can understand our unspoken words... Who can wipe our suppressed tears... Who would hold our hands in old age... Who would laugh at our silly jokes (read poor jokes)

Is that all?? Dude, isn't it enough? But, why am I suddenly talking like a marriage counselor? Sounding as if I have married a dozen times? Well... Even I am amazed at reading what I have written...

Hey wait! Do I sound as if I am finally and slowly getting inclined towards the institution called marriage? Then, let me clear the air... I have not got any such ideas!

Well, this post is dedicated to all those lucky people who found their right soul mate...

And this post is indeed dedicated to my lovely parents... Love you loads! 

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