Thursday, 8 November 2012

South Vs North

I am plotted with a team that includes North Indians... They don’t understand a word of that we talk... And hate our cuisines... They don’t like dosa... Rice... Sambhar... Coffee... They want roti... Dal fry and garma garam chai...

They insist us to go for a Dhaba where as we would want to have masala dosa... They would prefer dal fry and rice... We would prefer curd rice... They like pappad and we want pappadam...

They would say, "Girls, don’t talk in regional language". But, how long can we talk in English?

Unfortunately for them and fortunately, we understand each and every word they utter... Yeah, Hindi! However fast they talk... Whatever slang they use... We understand... Of course, with a bit of concentration! But, what’s the big deal in it? Nothing at all, as long as we understand!

And I realize that we South Indians, most of them indeed, understand Hindi... Reason may be because we are compulsory made to study the language in school... Or because we watch many Hindi movies! Thank you Shahrukh Khan... Yeah! For most of the South Indians who talks Hindi, he will be the Guruji. Similarly, we do not mind having roti and sabzi... Dhal and chawal... Samosa and bujia... Bhel puri and sev puri... For us, it is a luxury and we enjoy extensively...

Well, what point am I driving? Actually nothing... Wondering why people in the same country find it hard to adjust with each other? Why we always complain? Why can’t we get along with each other well? Aren't we the same? If we can learn their language, why can’t they learn ours?

In Bangalore half of the population is composed of North Indians now. They don’t learn Kannada. They feel so superior over others that they will talk in Hindi only. Out come? Even a newborn has to learn Hindi! Nothing worries me more than this.

One day, one of my team mates barked, "You HAVE to know Hindi yaar. It’s our National language!"  

Ok... I completely agree that. And I wanted to yell back, “Why don’t you learn our regional language!”

They can’t differentiate between Tamil and Malayalam… Kannada and Telugu… Still they expect us to understand the Hindi spoken by a Rajastani who is born and brought up in Bengal? Or the Hindi of a Punjabi? Or I don’t know yaar... It is too complicated!

Arey, waise bi... I understand Hindi... Aur kya?? Felt super bored... So ainvayi wrote this post! Hindi ya Tamil... Malayalam ya Kannada... I don’t have a problem as long as I understand. Arey rukh! If I don’t understand... I go to that extra mile to make friends with the alien language!

And oh yeah! Whatever language we speak... Whatever cuisines we like... Aakhir dil hain Hindustani!!! This unity in diversity is what makes India unique, isn’t it? 


  1. Hahaa, Loved reading this post Satya, Keep it coming...and I totally agree!! You girls toh keep up the "regional language" and ask them to just seekho-fy the nayi bhaasha ;)

  2. Yes agree ... aakhir dil hai Hindustaani :-)