Saturday, 17 November 2012


Mainak Dhar’s Zombeistan is a gripping tale weaved around an imaginary plague that threats the mankind. The narrative is so descriptive that we can envision the scenes.  The story is a surprise and shakes the readers.

Mayukh’s evolution from a careless young boy to a responsible man is beautifully captured. His reluctance to take up responsibilities and finally, standing against all the odds to protect the people who has trust in him is portrayed in a very nice manner.

David comes across a brave man. He is a US Commando in run to reach out to his love, Rose. He is instintice and impulsive at the same time. He comes across as a natural leader with a human touch.

Hina Rahman stays in our heart and stands out among all. She is an old woman with two facets; one of a college professor and the other as a romantic books writer. Her hunger to have her family around is well elaborated. She emerges heroic when she goes out of ways to protect the people who means to her. She makes us realize that anything can be done if we have the will to do it.

Swati as a confident young girl with the sole mission of protecting her baby brother. She is sweet and caring. She sees the messed up World and says that if the World doesn;r change, she has to be the change. Her determination and confidence is infectious.

On the other hand, Abhi as an innocent toddler steals our heart. He asks innocent questions. While some evokes laughter some makes us think. He reassures that World can be a better place to live, if it is surrounded with love and selflessness. He also makes us understand that adjusting to the situations is more crucial than anything else.

Swami Vinesh is selfish and crooked. He is man who cries for money and power. He represents those people who are greedy and are ready to sacrifice others for their own good.

What makes the book special is the plot per se. It is well thought out and completely new. It makes the readers pray that such atrocities should never evade the World. It makes the readers shudder at the thought of mother Earth transforming into a hell filled with immortal creatures.

It makes us sit back and think about so many things around that we take for granted. We always complain and feel bad about everything around us. We never try to be the change; neither do we learn to adapt to the situations. We run from responsibilities until it is thrust on us. We err and we learn. This book deals with all this through a simple story. The author scores high by making us think; by making us feel grateful for what we are and where we are.

The book would not disappoint us, though the climax could have been made a little more detailed. I felt as if it was completed in haste; as if the author was forced to complete it. Still, it is engrossing and enthralling at the same time.

The book is around 250 pages and it is an assured page turner. Go for the book and you will realize that I suggested the right book!

Hey author! Expecting more such different books from you. And Blogadda, I thank you for being so gracious as always and letting me hold yet another page-turner.
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