Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I clearly remember the dawn of a new millennium. I was totally excited and we cut the cake. But that is 12 long years before? I am unable to believe that. Time is running very fast. It is also changing commendably. With that life and lifestyle is also changing. 

01.01.01 saw childish excitement in me
02.02.02 saw a budding teenager’s enthusiasm
03.03.03 saw a frightened student’s exam fever
04.04.04 saw friendship and love
05.05.05 saw determination and long term planning
06.06.06 saw the waiting for first results of a life changing exam
07.07.07 saw long study regime
08.08.08 saw heart breaks and heart aches
09.09.09 saw normalcy
10.10.10 saw uncertainty and laziness
11.11.11 saw accomplishment and dreams
12.12.12 saw independence and satisfaction

Oh… Such a long journey it seems; yet so little time has passed. I always wonder why individual days seem never ending while years, if taken individually, seem to have passed in lightening speed. Who said that light travels fast? I would say time is the fastest.

But, the beauty is the memories. Memories make our life worth living. It beautifies it and makes the World better place to live. Another such equal beauty is dreams. It gives hopes and ignites the desire to live.

And I am very much excited today. I am flying to Bangalore, the place where I was born... The place where my earliest memories were made… The place where I saw dreams; dreams of growing up, dreams of reaching heights… It is the place where I decided what I should become… A rare 12.12.12 can’t be more special! I am going to my first home!

I am completely sleep deprived while typing this post. Ideas are just not flowing. It may be because of the super excitement or due to the sheer tiredness. It may be because I am not getting any ideas or maybe I am typing this more due to compulsion than thought flow. I really don’t know.

Anyways, I am feeling lucky that I lived on these magical dates. Though there is a complete lack of clarity of thought, a subtle smile is just not leaving my face. That look is making me fall in love with myself; this Locomente. I may be bad. I may be ruthless. I may be hated by many (all rather) But still, I am the best (To my heart!) After all, isn’t self love the best love?

PS: I have excelled my expectations. I have written something so random that even I am unable to understand what I have tried to convey. I presume that this is what happens where we think too much. At any case, this would qualify as that craziest post I have ever written. Yahoo! I somehow managed to accomplish something on this extraordinary day! J

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