Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dear December,

The last month of the year is finally here… It brings so many hopes… It makes us think and come out with innumerous resolutions. This is also my favorite month is here… After all, I was born in this month! I am totally excited…. This is the 25th December that I am seeing in my life. That thought excites me further.

But hey! Is that all? Naaah… By now all of you would know that I am totally self-obsessed and self-absorbed. Still, I am not that bad, am I?

December has many other flavors too… It brings the much awaited Christmas holidays. It brings back the memories of my childhood days when we used to hang Christmas star at home. I also remember that crazy night around three years before. I wore Santa Clause’s cap and wandered along the busy streets of Chennai late night… I attended the mass and witnessed Carole at Santhome Church. I also lit candles and enjoyed a lot.

And this year, I promise myself to visit my newly made Christian friend’s home. It is my long term desire to see the Christmas tree and the way they decorate their home. If luck favors, I may also get to eat home-made cake and you never know, wine too!

Oh! December is a month that also strains me. I need to go to various shops and hunt for a cute diary; a diary that I can carry with pride! It is a nerve-racking exercise; yet I enjoy the whole experience!

What else? My dear black chariot – Pep Plus – would turn seven years old. It further reiterates that time runs very fast. After all, I still remember how scared I was to ride it for the first time. I also remember how excited I was about buying one.

December... I am totally excited… I feel like a child who is eager to cut the strawberry cake… who is cannot wait more to wear the new dress… who is excited to know who is going to wish me first!

December… Dear most of all… And I can’t hide my excitement!

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