Friday, 21 December 2012

It's 150,000 Hits!!!! OMG

As the year 2012 is grooming up to bid adieu to us, my dear baby blog sits up and gears to give me yet another surprise. A 150,000 hits!!! I am feeling the epitome of happiness and I am also feeling proud.

I sit back and let out a sigh. I think back and try to recollect this eventful year. Yeah! I call this eventful because so many things happened in my life because of Locomente.

x        My dear baby blog travelled from 1,000 hits to 150,000 hits
x        It turned a year old two months before
x        Blogadda selected the blog as the “Notable Newbie”
x        Received seven books from Blogadda for review
x        Blog catalog listed the blog as one of the best blogs
x        Won a contest hosted by Blogadda and received a pair of sunglasses
x        The number of members in the blog crossed 50
x        It made me write Haiku and micro-fiction

To begin with, I started writing; rather regularly. Writing became the motivation and qualified to become an inseparable part of my life. Of course I know that I am not a great writer. I have to struggle to rhyme and furrow my eyebrows to think. But still, writing pleases me.

Locomente is the dear most parent of this author in me (If at all I am one!) This blog taught me to think, observe and pen down my feelings and thoughts. It kept me sane when work was weary. It made me feel at ease when loneliness engulfed. It lent an empathetic ear and absorbed all my thoughts.

Locomente - A part of my identity now! My family and friends ask me teasingly, “Satya, who are reading your stupid scribbling?” And I wonder the same too. The more I wonder the more grateful I tend to feel. Nothing would have been possible if my blog was not read by you. Your patience made me what I am today. It is your patience that is letting this Locomente evolve. I feel like thanking you all. Yes, I have done that before. But, I don’t think that these words could express my gratitude at all.  As someone said, “A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.

Sometimes, I try to figure why I write at all? Such questions arise on those mad days when work keeps me busy. But then, after a long day’s work, when I sit with my laptop, I untangle myself from all the sorrows and all the unhappiness. As thoughts starts flowing, most of the times faster than my typing speed, I would feel a strange ecstasy. Writing brings purpose to my lonely and uneventful life. Writing compels me to enjoy the solitude and observe the vast World around.

As I am writing this post, I am smiling. I am happy that I created this little nest. I am happy that guests are coming. I am happy that I am still writing.

And what's wrong in that. As someone said, “I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions

So… As always stand by me. And always I will let my not-so-crazy-mind observe, think and write. I wish that the year ahead is more eventful and that I metamorphose to a better writer.  

PS.: Incidentally, my black chariot - My dear Pep Plus - turns 7 years old today. Time is indeed fluttering faster and faster. I say this because I still remember how I felt when I rode her for the first time. I also remember how proud I felt and how broadly I was smiling. She has an inseparable part of my life since then. She has also been one of the strong reason for all the success, both personal and professional, I am tasting today. Thank you my black chariot. I really cannot think of a life without you!!!


  1. Congratulations! Congratulations and Congratulations and All the best dear!
    My bro and friends tease me too! "You write all non-sense and ppl read your work! I'm surprised" - They say!

    You write beautifully dear! Keep it up :)

  2. Wow ... a Star Blogger ... Congrats :-)