Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Its No F_N Without U

I was in a state of boredom at Bangalore International Airport. My friends were busy hunting for a tee-shirt. But, I had no mood to do any shopping. So, I decided to walk around and observe things.

A book wrapped in white color drew my attention. Or was it the book title? Or was it the Author? I really don’t know. I reflexively walked towards it. First I checked the price. It costs Rs.350! That’s pretty expensive to afford I concluded. But, my heart still remained in the book. So, I slowly yet reluctantly started flipping through the pages. The font caught my attention. It was Lucida Calligraphy, I presume. And then, the images given for each article grabbed my attention. Finally, the titles for each article!

This is how I started reading the book named “Its No F_N Without U” penned by actor Ramesh Aravind. The book contained brief descriptions of small events that happened in his life and a few poems too. He further explains why those incidents are important and what those incidents taught him.

I liked the description about Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth and Kannada actor Vishnuvardhan. Their simplicity and their take on life are really intriguing; more so because they never took success to head! Some events are indeed thought provoking, it makes us think. Some makes us smile and for some, we just nod in agreement.

In short, the book is simple. It is as if a few pages from Author’s daily journal is randomly selected and stitched together in the form of a book. I don’t know why I enjoyed the book. Was that because I have grown up watching movies of the author? Was that because the book was a compelling read? Or was that just its simplicity?

Anways, I highly recommend the book. Expect nothing great. Yet I bet that the book linger in your mind for a long time. It would definitely induce thoughts and you would thoroughly enjoy; and never regret those couple of hours spent!

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