Tuesday, 4 December 2012


She was trying hard to make them understand. But, they understood nothing. They tried hard. Yet Mathematics remained as an alien. Mathematics was unfriendly and monstrous. They scratched their heads and furrowed their brows. They tried to concentrate. In spite of the Himalayan effort, they couldn’t grasp even a globule. The teacher looked frustrated. So did the tiny tots. Who cares if 2+3=5? Who cares if 2*2=4? Who cares? The helpless children looked at each other with confusion. However, the teacher continued her task with passion and dedication. Teacher’s love for the subject was so contagious that the children reflexively struggled to be attentive. May be this is how we learn subjects; may be this is how magical teachers can be… May be this is how inspiration works… Who knows!


  1. Math..hmm..urr..yeah..ok - Math. Can we change subjects? (pun unintended) :P

    Nice way of putting it though :) will be back for more.