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Partner for Life

28th December, 2012
It was very late when Suraj came back home. Usually, he comes back early on Fridays. But, today it was different. But he looked full of energy which startled me.

“Guess what Shraddha, on New Year eve we will be partying all the night at The Ritz”, he tossed the tickets at me and opened his arms wide. I ran towards him like a puppy to hug him tight.

“So, when does the fancy dress competition begin?” he kissed on my forehead and asked with sarcasm. I have a strange habit of trying out all the possible dresses I could wear for a party before choosing one. And Suraj would be left with no option but to choose the best among the best. Once he admitted that he enjoys the crazy ordeal I follow, though he teases me every time.

It was our first new year since wedding and fifteenth since we knew each other. Suraj was my childhood friend and nobody was amazed when love bloomed and marriage happened. Suraj is a little over six foot. He has an athletic body and jet black hair. His eyes are black too and his boyish charm always ensured that I fell in love with him again and again.

But soon after marriage Suraj declared, “I am a married man now. I need to look matured and responsible”. Since then Suraj maintained stubble and I used to ramble against it.

“For heaven’s sake, I don’t need a husband whose charm is buried under that stupid stubble “, I would yell. At times, I would say, “Everybody is asking me if you are unhappy.  They think that men grow stubble when they feel depressed.” Else I would flirtatiously say, “Hey, don’t you dare to cuddle me. You don’t remotely relate to Suraj. And I cannot betray my first love”.

In return to all these and many other remarks that I make, Suraj would hug me tight and run his cheeks over mine. I would scream in return and he would laugh like a moron.

And he did the same when I hugged him seeing the tickets for the party. “Suraj, I think we have to celebrate the New Year eve at home.”

“Come on Shraddha, our friends are coming and it would be real fun. And this would be perfect. We can party all night without any fear; after all we are the man and wife”, he said it in a serious tone and pecked on my cheeks.

“Uf! But I would prefer to party with a boyfriend who would be an object of envy among my friends compared to partying with a boring husband”, I said playfully.

“Come on Shraddha, act like a matured wife. Don’t behave like a teenage girlfriend. Now check if you have any nice dress. Else we may go for shopping tomorrow”, he said. This time he kissed my neck.

Releasing myself from his grip, I looked down on the floor and said,
"Nahi ji, I cannot come. I get scared of crowd. And Mamma has asked me not to get drunk. Besides, my teachers have warned that passive smoking is also injurious to health.”

By the time my drama was over, Suraj ran his brittle stubble over my cheeks and let out along sigh of helplessness.

31st December, 2012
“Shraddha, don’t tell me that you are not attending the party”, Suraj started. It was afternoon and we both had taken off from our work. Suraj looked totally disturbed and I sat there staring at him blankly.

He continued, “You can get drunk as much as you want. Until you go thalli. I will not stop you. And I will stay controlled so that I could drive you safely back home. What say?” He got stony silence in response.

He continued to give umpteen reasons to convince why I should go for the party. “Shraddha, we have time. We may also shop some cool dress for you.” I know I am a shopaholic, but I had a greater cause. I didn’t want to get gorgeously dressed up to go out with someone who looked ages older than I am.

“No Suraj, let me act as a good wife. A good wife stays at home… Makes dinner and awaits her drunken husband come home. What to do, I am an unfortunate wife, not a happening girlfriend.”

Suraj effortlessly decoded the pun that was intentionally thrown on him. I tried to pour more accusations. But, he grabbed me and kissed me hard. Then, he rubbed his rough cheeks over mine. That nasty stubble irritated me and I shrilled at the pitch of my voice.

“We are done Shraddha. This is the end”, he yelled back at me and stormed to our bedroom. I heard the door being banged and I was left alone in the hall, confused. Suraj is a very sweet tempered person and he knows me too well to take me seriously. Yet, his behavior bothered me. I tried to open the door. But, it was locked. So I knocked, but there was no response. A few minutes passed and Suraj’s silence started to bother me. A droplet of tear escaped my eyes when he emerged from inside the room and hugged me. Then, he rubbed his cheeks over mine as if wiping those hot tears that had escaped my eyes. At that time, I felt a long forgotten softness. And, the smell that lingered around reminded me of all those good old days.

“So, can you get ready at least now, my love?” He asked with childish innocence.

“I may have to seek the permission of my husband”, I said and winked. “Come on Shraddha, why are you bothered about that old man with stubble. Here I am… All yours…” He said extending his arms and I hugged him tight.

He then asked, “Now please tell me if you can be my dance partner at the party?”

I said, “Partner? Sure, not only in the party, but all through my life!”

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